Our products with spandex, have the property to fix and stylize the figure of the body, from its special characteristics of elasticity, rebound and strength

Our fabric is 100% polyester microfiber type. Keeps the body always fresh and dry to maximize freedom of movement and  breathing, allowing the perspiration to escape

It is a new foam specially designed by our brand that has the right density, neither too hard nor too soft, which also offers a long life time offering maximum protection to the goalkeeper without reducing flexibility

Fabric designed with interlaced polyeste filaments that offer high resistance to tension and tearing.

Polyester fiber fabric resistant to abrasion, with antipelling, UV protection, great comfort and feel to the touch, designed for those intense days of play.

One Fit is a fabricthat stands out for conforming to the shape of the body and achieving a comfortable and flexible fit. It also has proven resistance in sport with high abrasion.