German Latex, widely ensures the quality of grip, made with a 4 mm layer of latex providing the goalkeeper with a lot of security and confidence when catching the ball, improving shock absorption. This latex is top quality, soft and docile, with excellent properties for use on different types of surfaces and climates.

German Latex offers a high performance grip and excellent shock absorption. Highly chosen by goalkeepers professional.

German Latex, with a new development and the most revolutionary change in latex technology in recent years, which offers 20% more than SuperSoft, more impact absorption than lower density latex, also increasing its durability in all types of weather.

This formulation it is designed for the Turf range, the palm has been specially compressed to offer greater resistance to abrasion, this being its strong point. The roughness of its design makes it ideal for use on artificial grass or earth fields, where the particles remain between these “gaps”,  thus allowing them not to affect contact with the ball as much.

This palm is a development of synthetic materials where very high abrasion resistance prevails, with limited grip, but designed for archers who are starting out, or who play on high abrasion surfaces.