A lightweight glove with 3D Gel injections, back on a ventilated textile body, Speed Cut, latex support on the palm for better durability and an additional piece of latex giving the sensation of an extended palm but without causing discomfort in the palm. The flexion zone of a wristband likewise does not interfere with its elastic zone, greatly helping the goalkeeper in catching the ball. Follow your Instintic with Pro-One.

This 2023-2024 season we present our INSTINTIC model


4mm+3mm PRO CONTACT GERMAN LATEX for top grip in all weather conditions and great durability in all surfaces. Includes silicone behind the palm to improve the fixation of the hand.


Speed Cut Negative. New advanced fit with ergonomic shape & extra flexible movement for the fingers, additionally it has FINGERTIP on the fingers. It also has Wrap Thumb and lower support giving maximum protection and great comfort to the same finger.


The back of the glove is completely made with BETHAPRENE with ventilation points to improve the perspiration of the hand, it has injections of 3D GEL Silicone in the area of the fingers and PUNCH ZONE.
The back is extended until it passes the wristband area and ends on the forearm, giving the goalkeeper a good presence.
A part of the relief on the back has an EMBOSSING so that the hand flexes more easily.


This model has an innovative elastic system, it does not interfere with the extended palm detail that the glove has, ensuring that the goalkeeper has a better catch.
The elastic starts on the sides and ends on the back with 2 velcro adjustment points that provide maximum comfort.